Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Interview with Candice Carpenter

Candice graciously agreed to answer a few questions about her project in our January Book Club's selection, Foof A Life, by Erin Trimble

Here's what she had to say:

1. How did you come up with the idea for the Box of Chocolates Project? What was your inspiration?

We were asked to really think outside the box for this publication and come up with some really sweet, vintage inspired, handcrafted gift ideas. It was around the time when I recently discovered a lot of my grandparent's photos from their life together...and I was greatly inspired by a Martha Stewart magazine’s image of a box of chocolates with little cupcakes liners inside...all filled with crafty goodies. Just an interesting packaging idea. So...I thought of making this greeting/gift like a box of chocolates that could later be displayed...and instead of goodies or sweets inside the liners, I added photos...all bringing up sweet memories of their past 50+ years together.

2. Are there are any tips you can share with us to make sure we are successful with the project?

Nothing in particular really. Just get out your sandpaper, a good glue stick and your brayer to smooth out the paper if/when covering the box.

3. It’s been couple of years since you designed this project, is there anything you would add to update or change it? Any recommended variations?

Nope, I like the simplicity of the project. I really focused on the photos and how each of them were staggered periods of their life together. Getting the photos scanned and printed and organized was half the battle for me.

4. What is your favorite project in the Foof A Life book? (That you designed)

I absolutely LOVE the party hat I designed for the book. It is toward the front and has a picture of my mom on the hat...and when she saw the project published in the book and saw her sweet baby photo...she was ecstatic. Her giddiness meant the world to me...and no matter what the project is, it is the happiness and inspiration that comes from it that means the most to me. I still have the hat, of course, and it now represents a time in my life and memory with my mom and I am so, so very thankful for that.

5. What is your favorite project in the Foof A Life book by one of the other designers?

Don't laugh too hard at me...but I don't even own a copy of the book! I gave all my copies away to friends, family and for prizes/donations at crops and event. LOL! I should go buy one! From what I do remember, I liked the entire publication as a whole and no one project by itself because it covered so many different ideas and styles. I am such a huge fan of all of the designers...it's like they can't produce a bad project. Know what I mean? I have to say that I love everything that Kim Henkel and Jenni Bowlin do especially. They are so inspiring...and seriously sweet in person on top of it! And I am so very thankful that Teresa Mcfayden asked me to contribute to the book!

Many thanks to Candice for taking the time to share her creative process with us today!

To learn more about Candice and see her sweet artwork, visit her website.

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