Monday, January 12, 2009

Announcing the Goddesses of Crafts Creativity Book Club!

Here's how the book club works. Each month, on the first of the month, I'll post a project from a book or magazine that we are all going to work on. Go to the store and buy the book or magazine, or order from the links I provide for I'll try to have the book or magazine up a month ahead, but won't post which project we are doing until the first of the month. (Keep on the sidebar to keep current.) That way, you have a chance to find the book. Complete the assigned project and post it on your blog by the last day of the month. Be sure to link back to our blog on your entry. Then come back to the challenge entry and post the static link to your entry on your blog. This is a great way to actually DO all those projects you bookmark in your magazines and books. We will cover a wide range of techniques and crafts, so everyone will get a chance to work on what they love. If you want to do another project from the book of the month, you can still play along! The goal is to actually do at least one project from the book of the month. If something other than the chosen project catches your fancy, do it!

I'll do my best to give you lots of extras. I know there will be prizes involved. I know that I'm going to try to get authors/designers to guest blog here. I know that I'll share my thoughts on the project and give tips and tricks on what worked and what didn't. Keep this blog bookmarked so you don't miss out on a minute of fun. Oh! Don't forget to tell your friends!

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