Friday, September 08, 2006

Holiday Craft Boutique

We decided to have a Holiday Craft Boutique on Sunday, December 3 from 1pm-4pm. All Goddesses should:

-Invite their friends and family
-Make items to sell
-Make two dozen cupcakes to bring-be creative!
-Bring a bottle of wine to serve

I was wondering if we wanted to have a special offer of a goody bag for the first 10 people who come or something. We could all make something little to go in the bag. Or we could have a couple of drawings throughout the afternoon for bigger prizes. What do you think?

Goddess Laura


Reina said...

I think a drawing throughout the night would be good. Makes it fun

Goddess Anna said...

That would be better than making 10 somethings for the goody bags. I am having enough trouble finding time to make stuff to sell!